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Ontario Pit Bull Ban

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Hello everyone,

I am trying to find some information but am not having much luck.. Hope you can help!! I have a 1.5yr American Staffordshire terrior. I live in Quebec and would love to bring my dog to visit my parents in Ottawa. However, she is BANNED in Ontario as you probably all know. But we don't want to live there, just visit for a weekend!

So, Can I bring an Am Staff into Ontario to visit?

What I've seen from the ministry of the attorney general doesn't really address casual visits to the province (ie, not for a dog show or flyball). In the FAQ section, it says:
4. What sort of documentation do I need to travel with my pit bull?
The amendments do not deal with customs documentation regarding shipping of dogs to Canada from foreign jurisdictions and dogs that are in transit destined for other countries. The legislation bans pit bulls and their importation into Ontario. It is the responsibility of an owner to show that a pit bull is not being imported into Ontario in contravention of the ban.

..does this mean I just need documentation proving that she is mine (ie, her registration), and that I am returning to Quebec (ie, university transcript)? Would that prove that she is not being "imported"? I know that I can just muzzle her and hope no one reports her, but I obviously don't want her taken away and can't afford a $10,000 fine or 6mths jail time.

Part of the law was struck down last winter (article) and I have heard that it is still before the courts, which supposedly means the gov't can't act on it right now. Is this true?

Any help or guidance is much appreciated.

Aaand so this isn't all text, here's my little monster when she was a pup:
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